Set apart from the noisiest events of civilization, in the rich isolation of a countryside brightened by a succession of vineyards drawn with the same clever care with which roads were traced on the hillsides during the past, Ronco Calino was born.
Enjoying his walks among the slight endless green slopes and inspired by the pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli’s notes, Paolo Radici thought of an architectural structure that unites two indispensable characteristics: the harmonious integration with the territory it wants to be an ambassador of, and the capacity to house all the production phases with maximum functionality. In a few words, a building at the service of the producer’s technological and expressive needs.
Therefore he created a place which perfectly fits with Franciacorta’s landscape, a real belvedere on the surrounding vineyards, equipped with inviting reception and tasting rooms where promoting and spreading a “good drinking” culture.

IMG_5132 ricevimento (2)

But the most important part of the cellar is of course right there at its heart, in its subterranean chambers. These underground cellar and the highly technological spaces are perfect for the storage and preservation of wine in all its production and ageing phases, from vinification to maturation. A sort of sanctuary where the flow of time loses its importance and where Ronco Calino’s Franciacorta wines can develop without haste.
The architectural impact is fascinating: it emphasizes the search for the ideal balance between the quality of a building created for the production cycle and the appearance of a place that was shaped as a way of expression and revelation of the territory from which it draws its identity.