August 2015

Recipe of August by FranciChef

Vegetables tartare with raw prawns in extravirgin olive oil of Sebino. Voilà the fresh and light recipe suggested by FranciChef with Ronco Calino Satèn, whose floral notes perfectly match with plateau de fruit de mer, sushi and sashimi. Absolutely to try.

Forget “Mexico and clouds”… The new trend is “Mexico and Franciacorta”!

Jeremy Parzen was right. As a Bel Paese-enthusiast and an eclectic personality with different eno-musical tastes, but also and above all, as an intrepid expert in Italian wine and food fallen in love with Franciacorta, he described his impressions after the involvement in the “Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines RoadShow” in Mexico City, last 24th of April.

Franciacorta Festival, 19th-20th September

Synergy between Ronco Calino and Riserva San Massimo at Franciacorta Festival: together in the name of biodiversity. Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th the scene is going to be put in Francesca Marsetti's hands, member of Nazionale Italiana Cuochi and chef in the lucky Italian TV program "La prova del cuoco".

20 years but we don’t feel

Ronco Calino celebrates this year its 20th harvest, a satisfying goal for a wine reality that has been developing over time in primis firstly for the quality of its products but also for its meticulous attention for land and nature. 20 years. Are they so many years? It depends.