Centoventi 2004: the taste of time

Franciacorta Centoventi

Tropical fruit, multi-flower honey, orange peel and vanilla are only a few stops of the aromatic trip that you can undertake, if you let you be tempted by Extra-Brut Riserva “Centoventi 2004″, a Franciacorta which matures for at least one hundred and twenty months on the lees.
Thus, Centoventi in word and in deed.

Launched in 1999 and presented at Vinitaly 2012 with the vintage 2001, this ten-year brut was welcomed with great interest and approval from the market. Therefore, the “project Centoventi” did not finish with the year 1999 and 2001, but “Centoventi” can necessarily be produced from vintages of undeniable value and of particular intensity which are selected to live this long ageing period on the lees. Exactly as in 2004.

Blend of Chardonnay (70%) and Pinot noir (30%), it appears golden pale yellow, with a fine, continuous and persistent perlage and a delicate and solid froth. But what is really fascinating about this wine is the bouquet: rich in fruity and spiced overtones, it offers interesting evolutionary tertiary notes which recall the golden-leaf tobacco and the wood oven-crusty bread. Very fresh and tangy, its sharpness perfectly matches with the solid structure of the wine and with the light vegetal hints which characterize the year and the soil.

“We started producing wine for pleasure” – says Paolo Radici – “and our philosophy has always been to produce respecting times and methods of nature. That’s why we feel the “Centoventi” particularly representative of our way of being and thinking. They tell us that we can achieve excellent results only through respect and patience and that nature is extremely generous…
We only need to comply with her.”