Project Ita.Ca.

An environment-friendly production: Ronco Calino takes part in the project Ita.Ca.®

Every productive process implies consumption of energy which therefore results in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Although wine production is one of the least impactful activity, it makes no exception: this is the reason why Ita.Ca. ® (acronym of Italian Wine Carbon Calculator), an environmental evaluation system and monitoring, was born. Ita.Ca. ® was created in accordance to the international protocol IWCP (International Wine Carbon Protocol), validated by FIVS (Federation Internationale des Vins et Spiritueux) and produced in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan.

Thanks to Ita.Ca.®, it is possible to control all the company sources of greenhouse gas emissions by measuring the equivalent in carbon dioxide: emissions from fossil fuels consumption (in the company or in all related activities), emissions indirectly generated by electricity, emissions attributable to the production of purchased materials and the ones linked to the disposal of waste.

Ronco Calino is one of the first companies to join the project – also supported by the Franciacorta Consortium – organizing all its activities according to the environmental care.

“In the beginning it was not easy.” – says Lara Imberti, Sales Manager of the company – “When we reflect upon greenhouse gas emissions, we always think about direct energy consumption, as fuel tractors and agricultural vehicles or electricity. Actually, the project Ita.Ca.® involves the monitoring of aspects of our business that we would have never considered before, such as the emissions due to the biological activity of the soil (fertilization cycles) or the emissions caused by transfers linked to promotion, trade and secondary activities.”

“Our underground cellar is definitely useful for achieving our aim because we do not need to exploit energy to keep the ideal temperature. Even the use of organic substances instead of chemical fertilizers has been a goal.”

Since 2013, Ronco Calino has undertaken the conversion to organic viticulture in order to guarantee the deepest respect for nature: the harvest of 2016 is going to be the first being officially certified.