The Floating Piers, June 18th – July 3rd 2016

“Walk it barefoot” – Are you ready for the event of the year?


Festival Franciacorta d’Estate, June 25th – 26th 2016


Franciacorta & Iseo lake fish: #siamofritti!

When?: Saturday 25th June from 10am to 7pm
Where?: Ronco Calino
How to book?: +39 030
How much?: €15,00 per person

We have always to enhance our beauties and we could have never given value to our Iseo Lake better than this year. Thanks to Christo’s brilliant installation “The Floating Piers”, Iseo lake is going to be tinged with the Franciacorta gold which excites us a lot. FranciChef is going to leave for a day the burners of the TV program “La Prova del Cuoco” to move to an exceptional setting at the feet of our hill where she is going to cook an extraordinary lake fish-fry to be combined with our Satèn and our Rosé “Radijan”. One Chardonnay 100%, the other Pinot noir 100% are opposite expressions of a genuine land that smells of tradition.

Brunch picnic & happy hour

When?: Sunday 26th June, brunch from 11am to 5pm and happy hour from 6pm to 11pm
Where?: Palazzo Monti della Corte
How to book?: presale available at Franciacorta Outlet Village Infopoint from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm; presale online
How much?: €20,00 per person

For any further information, please visit the website