Ronco Calino Franciacorta

Our soul

The hidden oasis in Franciacorta

Travel the road from Rovato, the gastronomic capital of Franciacorta, continue through the morainic amphitheatre, which is Brescia’s most renowned viticultural area, to finally arrive at the expanse of Lago d’Iseo
At the road sign for the village of Calino, turn off slightly and enter the narrow road in ascent and you have suddenly left behind the most lively - at times chaotic - Franciacorta, to immerse yourself in another dimension, where the sounds of nature reign. 
You will notice that the ascent levels off in a bit, then the road descends into a small but extraordinary valley carpeted in vineyards. The first thing you will see is a sign of welcome that invites you to stop and admire the view.  
You have arrived at Ronco Calino, a monocru of 10 hectares, so well-tended that it seems another Eden. Here you can decompress and take your time, as we have been doing for over 25 years at crafting our Franciacortas. Time that we enrich with obsessive attention in all the steps that go to compose the extraordinary process of Italy’s first in-bottle secondary fermentations.  A place so special that it merits equally special wines. This is the reason why we work so hard every day, with such enthusiasm, on behalf of this spot.

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