September 18-19: La Polpetteria's turn

For the second appointment of Franciacorta Festival, Roberta Lamberti proposes three delicious polpette from her caravan, to be matched with two vintages of Franciacorta Brut in big format.


September 11-12: In Croissanteria Lab arrives

Franciacorta Festival 2021: In Croissanteria Lab brings the lobster roll among the hills of Adro. Accompanying it, two vintages of Franciacorta Brut Nature in Magnum format.

APRIL 2021

Biopass, the passport for life in the soil

Knowing the biodiversity of each plot to better manage the vineyard, respecting the life that inhabits it: thanks to Biopass, we can.

JUNE 2021

The new Vintage is ready

The pleasantness of the vintage in an intense and captivating Franciacorta. The result of a rigorous selection of grapes and a very long aging, Brut 2014 is now available.

APRIL 2021

Beyond the vineyard: oaks, olive trees and care of green spaces

The wood is a precious good, that's why the trees of Ronco Calino deserve our best attention.

MARCH 2021

Very fine perlage and gentle effervescence. According to our "recipe", Satèn is a Blanc de Blancs of only Chardonnay that releases the fresh and intense aromas of a spring day.


When sun and water “nourish” the winery

From organic farming to renewable energy, the Ronco Calino oasis has never been so "green".


After the Franciacortas, the Curtefrancas also dress in essentials.

The new red Ponènt 2018 and white Leànt 2019, both organic, are available again.

JUNE 2020

News from the UK: VIND welcomes Ronco Calino

VIND, the new global wine tourism platform, chose Ronco Calino as one of its first destinations in Franciacorta. A practical tool to discover unusual wine itineraries. 

MAY 2020

Let's reopen together from Saturday, May 30th

We are excited: our hidden oasis among the vineyards is ready to welcome you again in complete safety in the weekend of the Republic day, May 30 and 31 and June 1 and 2. 

APRIL 2020

New vintage and new look for our Brut Nature

The 2015 tailor-made Franciacorta by Ronco Calino is back. Blend of the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, it is dedicated to the bravest, who seek the purity of nature in the glass. 


Insi&me in Franciacorta, food, culture and wine Festival

Insi&me in Franciacorta on 6th, 7th and 8th March. The first edition of the food and culture Festival will brighten up the territory of Franciacorta with wine tastings, four-hands dinners and cultural events. Come and discover our hidden oasis on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th.  


Sweden calling

Sweden discovers Ronco Calino and nominates it wine destination in Lombardy. The booking website Winetourism.com and the article by Per Svensson on Vinjournalen.se confirm it.   


Barrels, how and why

In 2007 Ronco Calino stopped using malolactic fermentations and decided to "value" 46 shades of Chardonnay in the barrels.


Saying goodbye to a 2019 full of emotions

Looking back together to the highlights of a 2019 full of news for Ronco Calino: new rooms to welcome you, new image of our Franciacortas, new fresh and contemporary logo. 


Corriere della Sera writes about Ronco Calino

Lara Imberti Radici talks about our story from the dawn of its beginnings up to our times in the beautiful article by Maurizio Bertera on Corriere della Sera, Brescia edition.


The new Vintage Brut

The unique and irreplaceable personality of the harvest emerges in this Franciacorta. The organoleptic notes of crisp fruit of harvest 2012 tell us about a fresh and long spring. 


A new look for our Franciacortas

Brut, Satèn and Rosé Radijan show a new fresh and graceful look. From the next year, the Vintages will change too.

And Satèn is officially organic for the first time.


Baomania in Franciacorta

On September 14-15th the exotic baos, Asian-inspired loaves filled with fusion delicacies and prepared by 18B, will meet Franciacorta Brut and Satèn for two days of taste discovery. 

JUNE 2019

Erbamat, the ancient grape that looks to the future

The native white variety, that has recently been introduced in the Franciacorta Disciplinary given to its interesting characteristics, is cultivated in Ronco Calino's organic vineyards too. 

MAY 2019

1000 Miglia in Brescia and Ronco Calino in the glass

Franciacorta is the official sparkling wine of 1000 Miglia and will turn Brescia into a Franciacorta district offering tastings, side-events and dedicated menus. 

We will be there too!

MAY 2019

Franciacorta Festival in the pink lounge

The Rosé will be the protagonist of the Franciacorta Summer Festival: on Sunday, May 19 our new lounge overlooking the vineyards will host the tasting of Franciacorta Rosé Radijan accompanied by the premium Mortadella Favola Gran Riserva by Palmieri.

APRIL 2019

Our Vinitaly is Nature

Vinitaly is just around the corner and our news is called Nature 2014.

Come and discover the freshness and persistence of this new vintage at Vinitaly; Lombardia Pavilion, Franciacorta area, A17.

MARCH 2019

A new home for winelovers

A contemporary tasting room and a new lounge: we totally renewed our hospitality area, which is ready to welcome the wine lovers who look for a shelter surrounded by an organic oasis out of the ordinary. 


Franciacorta Festivals on tour

Spring is around the corner and it's time for Franciacorta to go on tour. Ronco Calino and the other winemakers from Consorzio Franciacorta are ready to travel along Italy - and abroad - to spread the word of Franciacorta and to hold tastings in selected charming locations.


The Power of Beauty

The “power of Beauty” is the ability of beauty to infuse us, change our way of thinking, and therefore, what we do.  Paolo Radici, owner of Ronco Calino, personally experienced that power. When he arrived, almost by chance, in this enchanted corner of Franciacorta where his winery lies today, he was so carried away with its beauty that he was inspired to carry out his dream as a youth to create “his own” wine.    


Sinfonia No.13, music for demanding palates

Arriving in wineshops just in time for Christmas is the second edition of Sinfonia No.13, the much sought-after wooden gift-box of twin bottles of this 2005 vintage FranciacortaThis capsule edition, limited to just 115 boxes, was inspired by the figure of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Italy’s greatest 20th-century pianist.


Not only wine: Ronco Calino releases its Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)

In that enchanted corner of Franciacorta that enfolds our winery and vineyards grow 220 olive trees, bearing the leccino, frantoio e pendolino olive varieties, and no less than our vineyards, the olives are cultivated in accord with organic principles